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Jun 9, 2014

An inauguration of sorts: Introducing Newbie & the Seams

In recent months I've been thinking more and more about developing valuable life skills and one of those skills (in my mind) is sewing.  My sewing experience is anything but extensive being limited to 6th grade home economics and sewing class as well as a little bit of "fiddling" around on borrowed machines in high school.  I know how to do some basic hand sewing such as stitching up a seam (as evidenced by my completed braided rag rug), sewing on a button and some very untidy attempts at darning socks.  I even got very ambitious several years ago and decided to hand sew a nine-patch quilt, I'll leave you to imagine how that played out...

Well, now several years later I've decided to pickup where I left off.  I'm sure the skills I learned making that needle book, apron and patchwork pillow will come back to me in time, right? Isn't sewing like riding a bike?  Anyway... with that in mind I've decided to add another category to the homestead titled:

Here I'll try to chronicle my attempts to master (or make-do) the art of sewing, dressmaking and any other crafty kind of things that are related.  I'd appreciate any feedback, tips and tricks and other helpful advice you might have for me along the way.

So many exciting things have happened in the last two weeks, the biggest of which is the arrival of my very first sewing machine. Eeek! I'm super excited. I purchased the Janome 15822 from Amazon and so far couldn't be happier. It's amazingly cute - what do you think? 

Please forgive the rather bad lighting and the over exuberance in applying the vintage filter effects - I just couldn't resist... but really, this little cutie is so much sweeter in real life than it ever looks in a picture.

I plan on doing a little writeup review on her as soon as I've had a chance to give her a proper go, but for now I'm happy to just sit and marvel at the fact that I'm actually going to get down to brass tacks and do this sewing thing!

How about it you fashioners of amazing things out there? Have you seen or used this machine? What do you think?  What machine did you get started on?  Any tips, tricks or pointers for me? Let's talk!

See you on the dart side!

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