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May 12, 2014

The Homestead Project: Keeping your homestead pantry stocked (Part 2)

In the part 1 of this post I briefly outlined how we go about keeping our homestead pantry stocked.  In that entry I mentioned that we try to keep our supply runs to a monthly schedule.  Since we are not yet able to produce our own foods we are stocking up at our local grocer.  We are fortunate that our grocer offers online advanced ordering which can then be picked up in store.   This makes supply day a much more bearable experience here in the wilds of urban development.  With that in mind I thought I would share some of the staples that we keep in our pantry following the categories which I have listed on our Homestead Pantry and Freezer Inventory sheet.

Disclaimer:  While we try to eat healthy whole foods, we do not adhere to a strict organic diet.  We do utilize canned and frozen food (*gasp*) but try to monitor the ingredients lists on each item for such things as preservatives, sodium and high fructose corn syrup additives.  We are looking forward to the time when we will no longer be dependent on these mass-produced items, but understand that being well-stocked and prepared in our current situation requires some give-and-take.

So let’s dive in, shall we? 
We’ll cover staples in the following categories:  Pantry, Fresh + Frozen, Medicine Cabinet & Toiletry

·       Beverage + Mixes - Coffee, Assorted Teas (black, fruit + herbal), powdered drink mixes
·       Dressings/Oils/Sauces + Condiments 
·       Breakfast Grains + Cereals - oatmeal, grits, etc.
·       Canned Vegetables/Soups/Sauces - this includes pasta sauces
·       Canned Fruit
·       Canned Meat - tuna, chicken, spam etc.
·       Dried Beans + Soup Mixes
·       Pasta + Rice
·       Baking Needs + Supplies - flour, baking powder & soda, yeast etc.
·       Seasonings & Spices
·       Sweeteners/Syrups + Spreads - jams, jellies, honey and the like
·       Storage + Non-Food Supplies - trash bags, freezer bags, mason jars etc.
Fresh + Frozen
·       Breads/Tortillas/Wraps
·       Dairy + Eggs - cheese please!
·       Fresh Produce
·       Fresh Meats
·       Frozen Vegetables
·       Frozen Desserts - we do love us some ice cream!

Medicine Cabinet + Toiletry
·       First Aid + Sickness - adhesive bandages, cough & cold, sinus, stomach upset etc.
      ·       Hygiene – shampoo, soaps, toothpaste + brushes etc.
·       Routine Wellness + Vitamins - any supplements or medicines taken on a regular basis
·       Paper Products – feminine hygiene products, bath tissues, paper towels, napkins etc.

So now you see the type of things we try to keep in stock in our pantry, what do you have in yours?  I’d love to hear all about it.

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  1. That's a pretty extensive list! I couldn't think of one other thing to suggest. I also have all these things in my pantry and buy in bulk as much as possible. I like to buy my cheese in bulk at Costco and separate it into quart freezer bags. It freezes really well. Will you stop over to Front Porch Friday and share both part 1 and 2?

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your kind comment. I've linked up at Front Porch Friday!


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