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May 19, 2014

Spring comes to our home on the range

Homesteading in the high desert presents its own unique challenges; however it also has its rewards – like the stunning scenery, peace and lots of open spaces!
We’ve just returned from spending a week on our property.  Spring has come to the northern range lands and we were happy to be able to experience a little of it during our stay.  May is the rainy season in that neck of the woods and desert life is abundant.  The constant winds carry the subtle smells of sage and pinion pine while the vast openness showcases the breathtaking mountains and beautiful blue skies.  Not everyone will see the beauty of this land, but its there for those who can appreciate it.  Wide-open range-land, beautiful desert wildflowers and snow capped mountain peaks as far as the eyes could see.  Standing on our soil, watching antelope dash by, I was reminded of the well-known song “Home, Home on the Range”.  I can see what drew people to this majestic land long ago because it draws us still. 
Home On The Range
Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam,
Where the deer and the antelope play,
Where seldom is heard a discouraging word,
And the skies are not cloudy all day.

Where the air is so pure, and the zephyrs so free,
The breezes so balmy and light,
That I would not exchange my home on the range,
For all of the cities so bright.

How often at night when the heavens are bright,
With the light from the glittering stars,
Have I stood there amazed and asked as I gazed,
If their glory exceeds that of ours.

Oh, I love these wild flowers in this dear land of ours,
The curlew I love to hear cry,
And I love the white rocks and the antelope flocks,
That graze on the mountain slopes high.

Oh give me a land where the bright diamond sand,
Flows leisurely down in the stream;
Where the graceful white swan goes gliding along,
Like a maid in a heavenly dream.

Then I would not exchange my home on the range,
Where the deer and the antelope play;
Where seldom is heard a discouraging word,
And the skies are not cloudy all day


  1. Beautiful pics and great blog! I also checked out your post about your Rag Rug, that's on my list of projects to try this winter!

    1. Thanks Jody! I appreciate the encouraging words and thank you so much for following along on our journey. I would love to know how your rag rug turns out should you give it a go. All the best!

  2. Your wildflowers are gorgeous. Clean air and beautiful scenery - what else can you ask for!

    1. Thanks Vickie for your kind words and for stopping by again!

  3. Your property is gorgeous. I love watching antelope; I'm sure you enjoy it too. Thank you for sharing at the HomeAcre Hop, I hope you'll join us again this Thursday.
    Kathi at Oak Hill Homestead

    1. Thanks Kathi. I do love nature and having that home on the range moment was a huge bonus for me. Thanks for stopping by!


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